2013 Martin Luther Church, Vienna: „Karfreitag“ (“Good Friday”) dedication for reopening after the restoration
2012 Otto Wagner Gallery permanent exhibition, Vienna
2012 Voya – The Virtual Gallery Of Young Art (Auction), Vienna
2012 Bio Lounge – Caffe Pascucci „ Panna Rosa“ Palazzo Dei  Congressi  Riccione
2012 Austro American Cultural Circle „America A Miracle“ Director: Mag. Herrmann Weissgärber, Vienna
2011 Gallery Mormat „Mozart“ – Freihausviertel Festival: Chairman Karl Raab, Vienna
2011 Bio Lounge Caffe Pascucci „The Art To Make Pascoffee „ – together with „ Keith Haring“ (represented by Gallery Rosini – Gutmann,), Riccione
2010 Palazzo del Podesta, Sala 2 Archi „Rimini My Love – Rimini My Pain „ Curator: Art historian Dr. Rita Maria Astolfi – Oliva, Rimini
2009 Gallery Prisma Franziskaner Platz Curator: Gallery owner and art expert Ulrike Könekamp, Vienna
2009 Cafe Prückel (Kom. Rat Christel Sedlar) “Osterausstellung“ („Easter Exhibit“) Curator: Mag. Art. Prof. Herbert Just, University of Applied Arts Vienna
2008/ 2007 Gallery Time, Wollzeile, group exhibition, Vienna
2007 Designer Salon „La Hong“ for Opening Event Kärntnerstraße 8 ( ATV – Television), Vienna
2006 Hotel „La Perla“, Riccione
2005 Hotel „ABNER`S“, Riccione
2004 Hotel „VIENNA“, Riccione

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