„Unconventional shapes and pop colors jump at the viewer from the canvas onto which Karin Abati has thrown her feelings and emotions.”

Ulrike Könekamp, Gallery owner and art expert in Vienna

„Karin Abati saturates her paintings with strong colors- an expression of her personality. She catapults her painting into a zone situated between stratosphere and ionosphere, reflecting reality in an exceptional transformation. Free of gravity, with deformation, which to our eyes seem like pictures from another world. Each piece of work seems bombarded by rays of the sun and clad in colors which depict the pinnacle of chromatism.”

Rita Maria Astolfi Oliva
Ph.D. in literature, publicist, art historian and scientist, Rimini

„Karin Abati offers an extraordinary kind of art. Her thoughts and feelings find their expression in strong colors and shapes. Her works are extraordinarily expressive.”

Mag. Art Renate Lohrmann, artist

„I envy you for your talent of being able to paint straight from the heart!“

Jelena Masinova-Kohout, dramaturge

„Thoughts cannot be seen, therefore we have the possibility to express ourselves in art. It supplies the color.”

La Hong, fashion designer in Vienna

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