karin_bk_small KARIN ABATI

Painting is a result of the immediate emotion. The topics are people, the environment and events of the day. The preferred technique is painting with acrylics. As a 4 year old I began to draw and paint with my left hand and was later retrained in school. But some of my later paintings again were painted with my left hand – some even with both hands.

Karin Abati lives and works in Vienna and Riccione.

1944 Born in Vienna
1954-56 Ballet school Willy Fränzl Am Heumarkt Vienna
1959 Entrance exam to the Höhere Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt (Graphical College) in Vienna. Selection of commercial apprenticeship for monetary reasons
1963 Relocation to Munich. Dancer in the theater
1966 Relocation to Italy and marriage to Domenico Abati
1967 Birth of son Lucio
1971 Birth of son Biagio
1976 Separation and relocation to Vienna
1976-1996 Many years in haute couture.
Continued drawing and painting, on and off
1997 After the death of husband, a strong, new devotion to painting and painting courses, including the course at the Zeichenfabrik Vienna: „ Sketching of the human body with various techniques” led by Goda Palekaite.
For quite some time now: Writing in mirror script – Motif: Reactivation.

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