Pictures – Emotions – Transformation

„Art is love. By loving, it makes beautiful, and there is perhaps no other way in all the world to make a thing or a being more beautiful than to love it. The more abstract art becomes, the more it becomes art.”

Robert Musil

Personally, I do not want my style of painting be identified with a specific art movement but would like at this moment to quote Dr. Rita Astolfi, art historian from Rimini, “Surrealism with an abstract inclusion. Incisione e’ il tema.”

My painting is about physical states of emotion which eventually, piece by piece, will result in a painting. Painting which stems from the immediate emotion. In this process my paintings are saturated with strong colors. Besides physical emotions, the topics of the environment and global environmental problems are decisive motivators for my painting. The greenhouse effect, glacial melting, animal species extinction and other issues do not leave me cold and flow into my art. To quote Albert Einstein, “Once there are no more bees, nature and therefore humanity has only a few years left to live!”

Karin Abati

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